Transformers Review: Headmasters Issue 3: Love and Steel!

Transformers: Headmasters issue 3 ended up being fairly predictable. The good guys become Headmasters in the last issue so in this issue the bad guys have to become Headmasters. There are a couple of minor surprises along the way, But mostly is the Decepticons getting the same abilities as the Autobots. But before I get into the story lets check out this cover art.


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The primary black cover to Transformers: Headmasters issue 3 allows for the Yellow (ick) Headmasters logo to pop along with the story’s charters. It’s not a cover that grabs me, but thinking back on the story, I don’t know if they could have created an attention grabbing cover with out giving away the main story of the issue. The cover is filled with Nebulons afloat within bubbles. Behind the floating bubbles are Autobots who are shooting at them. “The Love That Kills”, is written in Yellow (I am going to be sick) again to help it pop out at the reader. It’s almost lost with how busy the center of the cover is with all the other elements. The Marvel box on the top left of the cover depicts Fortress Maximus pulling his head off of his own body dramatically.


A battle in the Nebulan city of Splendora has broken out with the Horrorcons and the Terrocons terrorizing everything within their path. The Autobots arrive and Computron easily defeats Abominus. Two of the Headmasters take out the Horrorcons and the Decepticons make a quick retreat.


Worried citizens, along with members of the Council of Peers aren’t happy that any of these giant war robots are running around their cities. They take their concerns to Arcana and Duros.

Scorponok has captured a small group of Nebulans, including Lard Zarak and starts using them in his experiments. The plan being that Scorpnok will send all the people of Nebulos into space. Zarak successfully argues with Scorponok to spare his life to aid in duplicating the Headmaster process with the Decepticons.


Galen and his troops are now back at the Autobot Headmasters’ base. They are researching the weapons handed over to them by the other Autobots. The Council of Peers show up to tell the Nebulon/Headmasters that a committee will be observing their future actions on the battlefield. A message then arrives that Llyra’s father, Lord Zarak, has been captured by the Decepticons and pleads for his rescue. Without hesitation, Galen leads the Autobots into battle to save Lord Zarak.


Upon their arrive the Autobots learn that the Nebulans are free and pared up with the Decepticons. The Headmaster Decepticons prove to be a match for the Headmaster Autobots. The council of Peers observes the battle allowing for Mindwipe to hypnotize Llyra and uses her to lead the Nebulans into the Decepticons’ base. Using a machine to encapsulate the Nebulans in bubbles that would float them into space, the Autobots try to rescue them while at the same time try not to be shot by the Decepticons.


Saved, Llyra does not remember much beyond the Autobots shooing at her. Zarak is revealed that his daughter does not remember the truth and uses her confusion to say that Galen and his friends will never harm any Nebulans Again.


My Thoughts On This Issue

For me the issue was pretty predictable. This made it all the harder for me to stay focused and read it.

One good thing, and I am sure fans from the time felt the same, was that you had some epic battles with some new Transformers in this issue. Good way to show them off and promote the new toys.

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  1. Another ‘meh’ outing for the Marvel crew. I think my indifference has more to do with the fact that it’s Headmasters, which always seemed to be a bit too kid-oriented for me (e.g. You think Transformers are cool now, now YOU can be a Transformer!).

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