Happy Halloween everyone.

Halloween1I love this holiday.This week week Hannah and I along with some friends picked out some pumpkins to make Jack-o-Lanterns. We made a mistake this year by waiting to long to by the pumpkins. By the time we went out to get them only one store in all of Juneau had some. As a result they where a little more pricey.Halloween2

But we brought the pumpkins back to the apartment to carve. I spent some time removing all the seeds and hollowing out the sides a bit. Hannah picked out a pattern and we went to down on it. The end result turned out very well.

The weather this year is a little warmer then it was last year around this time. I remember the Jack-O-Lanterns lasting weeks last year because it was so cold.

We finished up the night by placing the Jack-o-Lanterns outside, playing a little Guitar Hero 3 on our Wii, and watching some Firefly.

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