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M&M’sRecently, my fiancée Hannah had her M&M art written about on CandyAddict.com.

Mendelsohn, a 21-year-old medical assistant, separates M&Ms by color and arranges them in intricate patterns on any flat surface she can find. The result is a surface completely covered with M&Ms, no space between them. Mendelsohn arranges the colors in bright geometric patterns. She said this hobby first took root when she developed a love for chocolate.

I think this is pretty exiting. I wanted to share the link with everyone. So Check out her art and the article written about her “Alaska coffee table serves as canvas for M&M art” over at Candy Addict.

Author: Youseph

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2 thoughts on “M&M’s Art”

  1. Did Mars ever contact her? They want to send her some free stuff. If not, email me her email address and I’ll get it to Mars so they can send it.


  2. Brian,

    Yeah, Well someone who represents “MY M&M’s.” contacted her and I know Hannah will be writing them back shortly. She is pretty exited about it.

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