Summer Time and the Livings Easy

This has been one of the best summers I have ever experienced since moving to Juneau. It’s been filled with all kinds of out door activities like fishing and family visits doing the tourist thing.


Normally summers like this mean we can expect a hard, cold winter in Juneau. And as much as that kind of thing is looming over me, as summer turns to fall and then winter, I am trying to do everything possible to take advantage of these last few days of bliss we have here.

Hopefully there will be a few more bonfires, a few more BBQs and a few more cigars before it’s all over.

Author: Youseph

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One thought on “Summer Time and the Livings Easy”

  1. Awesome to hear that Youseph. Our summer here (Kenosha, WI) has been up and down. June and August have been amazing and hot while July was a cold and rainy mess. Hope our summer extends into September to make up for that.

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