It’s Cold Outside

Action Figure In The SnowThe last few days have been very cold around here. At the moment with the wind chill the temperature is 0 °F / -18 ° C and it’s been colder then that lately.

The roads are so frozen that you are quite literally driving on one long sheet of ice. You have to teach yourself to drive differently. Like having to slow down very gradually. You can’t go to fast on turns and you can’t drive to fast in general because one gust of wind is all it would take to put you in the ditch. Their have been a few times where I feel like I’m one of the truck drivers from “Ice Road Truckers” on T.V.

The lakes around here have frozen over and more often then not I see people playing ice hockey on them. Winter around here is very beautiful despite the freezing cold. It’s like everything has gone black and white.

Now however, I am ready for spring to come with a vengeance.

“Its cold outside,
There’s no kind of atmosphere,
I’m all alone,
More or less.
Let me fly,
Far away from here,
Fun, fun, fun,
In the sun, sun, sun.”

M&M’s Art

M&M’sRecently, my fiancée Hannah had her M&M art written about on

Mendelsohn, a 21-year-old medical assistant, separates M&Ms by color and arranges them in intricate patterns on any flat surface she can find. The result is a surface completely covered with M&Ms, no space between them. Mendelsohn arranges the colors in bright geometric patterns. She said this hobby first took root when she developed a love for chocolate.

I think this is pretty exiting. I wanted to share the link with everyone. So Check out her art and the article written about her “Alaska coffee table serves as canvas for M&M art” over at Candy Addict.

Vacation Over

Well, our vacation is over now and both Hannah and myself are back in Juneau. Back to work, Back to Normality for a little while as we try to pick up and put away the contents of our suitcases. We had such a good time though. I wish it was not over. Vacations are never long enough. We are already talking about our next one.

Tanha ChristmasWe spent our first week in Chicago at my brother’s house and had our early little Christmas there. It was really nice and I am so happy I got to see most of my family. It was so cool that we all were able to get together in Chicago like that. I hope we will be able to do something like this every year together.

A MendelsohnAfter our week in Chicago, Hannah and I flew to Seattle and stayed with her family in Oak Harbor Washington. We both had a really good time. We had our little early Christmas with her family. Her sister and husband even came up to visit with us while we were their which was great. Actually it was Legendary!

Hidden WaveWhile in Washington State we went and saw some friends. We saw our friend Adam at the Hidden Wave Board Shop while we were in Burlington. I have known Adam since high school. He is a really good friend of mine and I am glad we got to stop in and say hi. He and his shop are doing really well. I don’t ever remember seeing his store so full of merch before in my life!

FriendsWe also got to see our friends Melanie and Scott for dinner one night. It’s amazing how entertaining Melanie can be with a plate of nachos.

PackingHannah and I also did some shopping while we were on our vacation. We picked up some new cloths and some new toys. We were saving up to do this because things in Juneau can be pricer then things in the lower 48 states.

But now we are back home. Our suitcases have exploded all over the apartment and we are slowly working to get everything put away in it’s place.



When I first moved to Juneau Alaska I spent a lot of money on DVDs. It’s kind of crazy when you look at my DVD collection how big it is. I am sure other people have bigger collections then mine, but still. I think mine is pretty impressive.

After the first year of living here, and buying one to many DVDs that I know I will never watch again, I decided to get a Netflix account and have not looked back since. Having a Netflix account has saved me a lot of money by not buying, rather renting the movies I would normally buy. If I get a movie in the mail that I really end up enjoying then I will go out and buy it.

I also feel that having a Netflix account has exposed me to a lot of movie titles I would not normally see. Like indy films and just random goodness that you don’t find when walking into a store or a brick-and-morter movie rental place.



Happy Halloween everyone.

Halloween1I love this holiday.This week week Hannah and I along with some friends picked out some pumpkins to make Jack-o-Lanterns. We made a mistake this year by waiting to long to by the pumpkins. By the time we went out to get them only one store in all of Juneau had some. As a result they where a little more pricey.Halloween2

But we brought the pumpkins back to the apartment to carve. I spent some time removing all the seeds and hollowing out the sides a bit. Hannah picked out a pattern and we went to down on it. The end result turned out very well.

The weather this year is a little warmer then it was last year around this time. I remember the Jack-O-Lanterns lasting weeks last year because it was so cold.

We finished up the night by placing the Jack-o-Lanterns outside, playing a little Guitar Hero 3 on our Wii, and watching some Firefly.

Just Another Day At Work

This morning at work has been busier then normal. Juneau experienced a power outage last night. So this morning we have all be busy trying to pick up the fallen pieces of down servers and panicked clients.

Since he got into the office this morning, Zaine (one of my co-workers) has been trouble shooting a VOIP phone server installation we have been having issues with. Normally Chris works on issues like this but he recently handed it off for Zaine to work on.

So the office is half empty and those of us here are hard at work when out from the corner of the office I hear Zaine shout at full volume “Someone here owes me a fucking blow job!”

Now Zaine is known for saying off the wall things at random times. But this could not have been at a more perfect time because just as he shouted “Someone here owes me a fucking blow job!” someone from down the hall walks by our open office door and and just busts out laughing which caused all of us in our office to burst out in laughter.

After Zaine’s face color, which was a bright red returned back to normal. He finally explained “I just did something in 1 hour that Chris has been working on for over week”.

It’s having stories like this to tell over, and over that make my day.

Rotary Park


Last Friday we had a little bit o good weather. So when Hannah and i got off of work we decided to go out side and play. We went down to Rotary Park to feed the ducks and walk the dog. We also just happened to have the camera with us so we took a bunch of pictures.

The Days here are getting shorter fast. We are losing something like 6 minutes of day light a day. Soon it will be dark all the time.