Juneau Gallery Art Walk

Tonight Hannah and I went to down town Juneau to partake in the Juneau gallery art walk. While we were down there we also bumped into some friends and we all ended up walking the galleries together. Here are some pictures from our night.

Snowing In Juneau

Last night Hannah and I ran to the store. From the time we left our place to the time we got to the store the It started to really snow down on us. We don’t live that far from the store at all either. It was coming down in big, white, thick clumps and sticking to the cars and our cloths. I snapped a few pictures right before we ran inside the store.


Hannah and I went to carve some pumpkins tonight. She recently got me a Flip Camera for my birthday, so I thought this was a good chance to test it out. I would video tape the nights events and see how the thing works. Hannah made a really cool Autobot pumpkin!

When we took the Jack-o-lanterns outside it was so cold that you can see the hot air rising from the them.