Root For The Bad Guy

Back in the late 1990s and early 2000s there was a great band located in Oak Harbor, Washington that went by the name of Wearing Black. My own band at the time, Kira’s Modern Mourning, was occasionally lucky enough to play gigs with them in and around the Oak Harbor area.

Wearing Black originally consisted of two acoustic guitar players and an electric bass player. Their music was amazing and it was guaranteed that whatever venue they where playing at, they would fill it up.

‘Root For The Bad Guy’ was one of Wearing Black’s’ popular songs. People at the time loved to hear it and would sing along with the band when they played it. The song is an anthem to all evil doers and bad guy in fictional genres.

The band eventually disbanded leaving only a few recorded songs on-line for their fans. About a year after the band broke up it’s lead singer and guitar player, Saul Nathaniel McCartney, recorded a solo version of ‘Root For The Bad Guy’. Well, I really liked the song a lot. So, over the last 8 months I worked on a type of music video for it and uploaded it to YouTube. I hope you all enjoy it.

Saturday Morning Cereal and Cartoons

When I was a little boy and living in Gridley Kansas, I remember waking up Saturday mornings with my brothers to watch Saturday morning cartoons. My younger brother Abe, and I would get up and head into the kitchen and poor our selves a cereal bowl of whatever cereal we had in the house that week.

My older brother Reza would follow behind us by poring himself a bowl of cereal as well. But he never just poured himself a normal bowl of cereal. No, I remember Reza taking the breakfast cereal experience to the whole new level. He would get out a clear mixing bowl from the cupboard and emptying the remaining cereal from the box into the bowl. Then he would top it off by drowning the whole thing in more milk than my 8-year-old self at the time could ever imagine drinking.

Together, all three of us would all carefully make our way to the living room with our cereal, turn on the TV and watch saturday morning cartoons. Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry or some other cartoon program that was popular at the time.

Today is my diet cheat day. I have decided to revisit these fond memories of my past by poring myself a mixing bowl of cereal (Apple Jacks) and watching Tom & Jerry. I really hope everyone is having as awesome of a Saturday morning as I am.

Molly, The Office Pirate Bird

Youseph with MollyI don’t have a glamorous day job by any means. (I am still waiting for PIXAR, Apple, or ILM to call me back.) What I do have at work are animals. This is the first place I have ever worked that allows you to bring in your own pets. Which is nice at times.

One of the pets we have is an office bird named Molly who usually hangs out in the Physical Therapy (PT) department most of the day. Sometimes when employees leave the department to assist people, Molly is left all alone and starts to squawk. When this happens I normally run to her rescue and let her hang out on my shoulder while I work while I pretend to be a pirate. (I have the beard for it don’t you think?) At least until someone from PT comes to get her.

I thought I would share some photos of Molly hanging out with me and destroying my desk. She is quite fond of my iPhone head phones.