Youseph TanhaShort Bio With A Few Fun Facts:

Youseph started working in the multimedia field in 1998 while still in high school managing a team of talented graphic artists. His roles included coaching, training and designing interactive multimedia entertainment. He is the author of the new book, ‘All That Matters’ and blogs at yousephtanha.com where he writes about his life in Alaska, technology, work, happiness and personal growth. Youseph’s goal to be come a full time writer and provide the world with stories they can read.

While working in the Multimedia field Youseph has been involved in several musical groups as an enthusiastic drummer preforming in and around the Pacific Northwest.

In 2006, Youseph made a career and  life changing decision to move to Juneau, Alaska where he currently resides and works. Living in the final frontier, surrounded by lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys and an ocean, have provided a beautiful backdrop of inspiration for Youseph to write.

Currently, Youseph is the cohost of a Transformers themed podcast called TransMissions.

Other fun facts: Youseph is obsessed with gadgets, role playing games and movies. Personal development books, writing and travel make him pretty happy too.

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