Sugary Dr. Pepper Found In Juneau

Hannah and I went to our Juneau, AK Fredmeyer yesterday after work. We where on a mission to pick up a few food items for our weekly Wednesday movie night with friends. While we where at the store I saw my first display of real sugar Dr. Pepper. I gasped when I saw it and told Hannah we needed a cart.

I was pretty excited to find Dr. Pepper made with real sugar. I hadn’t drank Dr. Pepper in years because it had not been tasting right to me for some time. I don’t know if it was because of a change in the Dr. Pepper formula or a change in my own tastes for things. Regardless I picked up Six, twelve packs.

Later that night at movie night Hannah and I took a case of the real sugar Dr. Pepper with us. As friends showed up I told them to try some of this soda. I grabbed one myself, and it tasted so damn good! Everyone agreed that it tasted better than the “normal” Dr. Pepper.

For weeks now I have felt teased by Consumerist and Associated Press news articles about the pending release of Sugary Dr. Pepper. The Dublin Dr Pepper bottler in Waco Texas is celebrating it’s 125 birthday by temporally ditching High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in favor of something a little more natural. Sugar.

Pepsi Co did the same sorta of thing earlier this year by releasing Pepis and Mt. Dew Throwback. Sodas that were based on the original recipes containing sugar. Even Coke releases a Kosher Coke once a year. Both these companies found that sodas with real sugar where very successful.

The Consumerist article asks why if things like; if Throwback Pepsi and Kosher Coke are so successful why don’t they sell these products all the time? The editor of Beverage Business Insights thinks the cola companies don’t really want to know that customers prefer sugar over HFCS:

In some ways their worst nightmare is that this thing sells through the roof, because then that’s telling them something about how consumers feel about their product.

It’s statements like that which have me buying more than one box of real sugar Dr. Pepper at a time. Before to long this sugary soda is going to be gone forever, so I am trying to build a small stock pile to have it last as long as I can.