Vacation – Part 2 of 2

City ScapeOn Wednesday, June 11th, Hannah and I went to see (the best band in the universe) Local H play in Seattle at the Chop Suey Club. We met up with our friends Abe, Kenny, Eric, Lyle, Dustin, Jason, and Doug.

We all shared a couple of pizzas before the show across the street from the venue. I realized I forgot my cammera and was kicking myself about it. Luckly for me, Lyle and Jason had their iPhones handy and they both did a great job snapping photos.

Local H Concert In June

I am so excited about this! Hannah and I have a vacation planned for the first two weeks of June. We have planed to get out of Juneau for a little bit and head back home to Washington State. We will get to see our family and friends. We are both very exited about this.

I just noticed on Local H’s (The Best Fucking Band In The World) MySpace page, that they have a show planned for Seattle on the 11th of June at the Chop Suey club. It just seems like luck that we would be in town the same time they will be.

Hannah has never seen a Local H Show before. So I am exited to take her. I am also trying to gather as many of our friends together to go with us. It should be a lot of fun. I can’t wait!