‘Reading On The Run’ Blog Reviews ‘All That Matters’ And Is Giving A Copy Away

Lacey Hittle did a really great interview with me and a review of my book ‘All That Matters‘ on her blog, ‘Reading On The Run‘. It is one of the more in-depth reviews I have gotten to read of my own work.

One of the other cool things Lacey is doing on her blog is putting on a contest to win a copy of my book. So, if you want to read the interview she did, read the review of my book she wrote, or just try to get your hands on a free copy of my book, head on over to ‘Lacy Hittle’s ‘Reading On The Run‘ blog to check it out.

A couple of great highlights from her review where:

  • From the Introduction I was hooked.
  • When Amanda and Ethan have their first date, you are able to remember the feelings you had on and after your first date as you experience Ethan’s feelings.
  • As I was reading about their first few dates, I kept thinking “KISS HER”…
  • From beginning to the last chapter I really enjoyed the book…