Songs To Learn

A few days after my band tryout I was e-mailed some songs to learn by the guys in the band.

“Police Truck” by: dead kennedys
“California Uber Alles” by: dead kennedys
“Bob” by: nofx
“Let Them Eat War” by: bad religion
“Jenny (867-5309)” by: tommy tutone
“Gods Love” by: bad religion
“Bleed American” by: Jimmy eat world
“Please Play This Song (on the radio)” by: nofx

I guess this means I have been accepted into the band. I quickly downloaded the songs they asked me to learn onto my iPod. I listen to them as much as I can. I also hook the iPod into my electric drumset when I am home and practice the songs.

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  1. I can’t believe you didn’t quit on the spot when there was no Bon Jovi on the list! Where’s the All Rise??? ;)

    Seriously though, it’s awesome that you’ll get to start jammin’ again.

    • Haahaha yeah. Well I am sure there will be more songs to come. Have to start somewhere. Hopefully my drumming will be an injection of rise for everyone.