Paper Block

paper-blockThe paper block is just that, a block of scratch paper that you can terror off. Like a 3M sticky note, but no sticky side. Just paper. The paper block has become a key part of my GTD dump process. Someone storms into my office with something for me to do while I am already working on a project. I jott it down on my paper block, rip of the page and put it in my inbox. Then continue on what I was originally working on. Someone calls while I am in the middle of an office memo e-mail, I write it down on my paper block, rip it off and put it in my inbox.

I find it so much better then using sticky notes. It’s so simple and easy.

Author: Youseph

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2 thoughts on “Paper Block”

  1. You’ve come a long way from Isomedia. I remember the sticky notes, and you writing notes while people were talking.. however, when they left you would throw them in the garbage (sometimes). ’twas quite entertaining.

  2. Try multi-tasking…. Some people get payed to do several projects at the same time. You save tree’s and get more stuff done. Actually screw the tree’s. Just stop taking notes and DO WHAT YOUR TOLD! I could totally be the meanest boss ever.

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