Cinnamon Arrhythmia

Back in October of 2009 I wrote about my Arrhythmia with my heart. I traveled to Seattle to have a specialist perform a Cardiac Ablation which was supposed to fix my arrhythmia. That procedure failed and left my doctors standing around scratching their heads.

I was given some meds to reduce the occurrences and length of my arrhythmia episodes, but it was not a solution. Eventually my arrhythmia went away on it’s own and I quit taking the meds. Then without warning the arrhythmia came back which led me to really think about what I was doing.

When I first saw a doctor about this and found out I would have to travel to Seattle to have the Cardiac Ablation I stopped doing everything that was not “normal” for me. I stopped my diet, I quite taking my vitamin supplements. I just tried to take it easy and relax more.

When my Arrhythmia went away on it’s own months and months later down the line I started back up on a new diet. Then, one by one I started adding supplements back into my system. I noticed that shortly after I added Cinnamon back into my system the arrhythmia returned. If I stopped taking it the arrhythmia would go away. If I added it back again it would return. So I have quit taking Cinnamon supplements all together.

This information may be helpful for someone else so I am blogging about it.

The irony of this is that I have always been told that cinnamon is supposed to be great for heart heath.