I Win at Failing and I Fail to Win, But You Will Be Owned

Recently I have been reading about words and sentence structure. The proper use of words and how they should be applied to sentences. It’s help me put into writing one of my pet peeves about words in this digital age.

I can not stand the use of the word ‘FAIL‘ as a stand alone expression of failure. It drives me up the wall! The thought that it is sufficient to us a single word to express someone or somethings inability to succeed as a form of mockery is enough to make me throw my MacBook Pro out the window. Also, the person who thought up using the word ‘WIN‘ to express the opposite can just burn in hell.

On the other hand I am a big fan of using the word ‘OWNED‘ to express a failed attempted or ones triumph over another. Why ‘owned’ doesn’t bother me but ‘FAIL’ does, just personal preference. Also, all the ass holes out their who us the word ‘POWNeD‘ can just fuck right off.