William Stanly

While I was at work last week, I came about an old Harper’s Weekly newspaper. The paper was framed and dated August 7th, 1897. I found on the back side, an article about an Anacortes man named William Stanly who went to Alaska during the gold rush. This peeked my intrest because I grew up in Anacortes. The artical reads:

William Stanly, of Anacortes, left his wife only $20 when he went north two years ago. Since then she has supported herself by her own work, sometimes by picking blackberries in the woods. As soon as he could reach  the telegraph office after landing he wired her the welcome news that he had brought back $90,000.

That the new fields are as rich as these miners say there can be no doubt . They pre sent incontestable proof of it in the form of nuggets that vary in size from a pin-head to a $5 gold piece, with occasional ones that are much larger. If there is finer gold in the gravel, they have not taken pains to save it.

Here are a couple of pictures of the framed paper I took with my phone.

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