Hacky Sack

When I used to live and work in Seattle doing web hosting support a bunch of us would take frequient brakes to play a couple of rounds of hacky sack. At times we would have the hole company outside playing together. It’s one of the big things I have missed since moving to Juneau. To this day I still keep a Hacky Sack on me a lot of time just in case I run into someone who wants to play a quick game.

Near the end of my time in Seattle I came across a really good Hacky Sack brand and have not changed since. It’s called “Sandmaster Footbag” and I just wanted the chance to share that with you. My experience with them has only been good. They last a long time and can take quite a beating.

I truly am no expert hacky sack footbager. I just enjoy it playing when the occasion permits.

Author: Youseph

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