Getting Up Early!

Keyboard and padI think the CNN Money news story I wrote about on Disney’s CEO (How Bob Iger Works) really impacted me. Ever since I read that story I have been getting up at 6AM. Now granted, it’s not 4AM like when Mr. Iger gets up, but it’s a big improvement from when I was getting up.

So, I will get up at 6AM. Address any important work issues that came up during the night. Then, (depending on the day) I will go to the GYM or just head strait to work.

Addressing the important work related issues that early in the morning has made a huge impact. For one, their is know one else around to distract me from my tasks at hand so I am getting a lot more done as a result. It also makes my day a lot less stressful when I get to the office.

Going to the GYM every other day has also been a positive change for me. I have been losing weight. That’s a given. But I also don’t stress as much about going to the gym anymore. Before I started getting up this early. If I had a long day at work it was a battle if I was going to go to the GYM at all that day. Now I do it in the morning and get it out of the way.

Author: Youseph

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