Digging Our Truck Out Of The Juneau Snow

When Hannah and I got back to Juneau last Saturday we found our vehicles barred in lots of snow. Sunday I asked Hannah to video tape the un-barring of them just because there is so much snow around here.

Author: Youseph

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5 thoughts on “Digging Our Truck Out Of The Juneau Snow”

  1. I’m afraid that I cannot endorse this video with the coveted “Legendary” title due to the god-awful douchebaggy song you set it to. However, I’m pleased to inform you that if you were to set it to, say, some Local H or Evans Blue, it would easily achieve said “Legendary” status. It’s not too late, my friend.


  2. Cute video! I half expected you to roll down the street Ace Ventura style and slam on your breaks and let all of the snow sail off onto someone else’s car in a big chunk. Have to agree with Scott on the music though. I am afraid that the Plain White Tease? are no talent ass clowns….(whoops….did I just type that in public?) ;)

  3. @Scott & @Mandy,
    You are both right. The first version I made of this video had awesome music attached. So awesome your ear drums would have exploded. It was so legendary that after I uploaded it to YouTube they told me that music this legendary was more then their servers could handle. It was also copy written. For some reason they suggested the current music and said i could use it, Go figure. True story.

  4. good day, this video very cool, alaska very beautiful winter, thanks, thanks for video.

    you friend from kiev, ukraine

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