Not Fixing My Arrhythmia

I am back from Seattle now. Back to cold, wet, snowy Juneau Alaska. My trip did not fix my Arrhythmia like I and everyone was hopping. I have officially stumped the doctors at Virginia Mason and told that what I have was something that was not life threating and since I grew into this I could very well grow out of it. That is just a depressing answer to get from a doctor who specializes in hearts.  I will be doing some follow up visits with the local doctor and keeping in touch with the guy from Seattle. Will see what happens.

A few higlights from the trip are:

  • I got to see my dad who I have not seen in about 7 years
  • It took the nurses 6 tries to get my I.V. Started. (I passed out after the 3rd attempt)
  • The doctor was not able to poke my heart in a way to get it do it’s Arrhythmia thing. Nor was he able to get it to go crazy with drugs. Only after I swallowed water could they see the Arrhythmia which caused my doctor to laugh.
  • He called in other doctors to watch this who also laughed.
  • I was told that out of all my doctors colleagues only one had see something like this before about 20 years ago or so.
  • I was lied to about how much it was going to hurt.
  • I shared a recovery room with an older guy who had a hearing aid that would keep going off.
  • I was unable to obtain a video tape copy of the procedure to post to youtube.

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2 thoughts on “Not Fixing My Arrhythmia”

  1. Dude! Some of those “highlights” are actually lowlights. Laughing doctors and six attempts at an I.V. are definitely not cool.

    I’m in the same boat. Doctors know why my hematocrit level gets too high, and the workaround is taking a unit of blood when it does. However, curing the cause eludes them. Maybe I got a few of those foot-chopping, tonsil-ripping doctors Obama says are ruining the health care industry.

    Hang in there and stay well, my friend.

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