Youseph Takes A Yoga Class

Hannah has been asking me for a few weeks now to join her Yoga class at the local overpriced GYM in town. I finally conceded and joined her recently.

Now personally don’t have anything against Yoga. It seems like a very healthy and smart activity for anyone to partake in. I however like to just stick with a couple of the same pieces of work out equipment when I go to the GYM. It’s not that I am scared of change, it’s just that it’s a class.

After work one day recently we drove out to the gym to attend this basic Yoga class. Hannah is perfectly capable of attending a more advanced class, but I did not want to push it my first time. I wanted to make sure I could handle the basic class before attempting something more advanced.

When we walked into the class at the GYM and it was clear that the room we walked into clearly is used for other aerobic classes. Hannah walked across the room and grab us both a mat while I stood sheepishly by the door not sure what I should be doing with myself. Their where other people in the class talking and stretching. Hannah motioned for me to come over and said into my ear “You need to take your shoes off hunny”. I looked around and saw that everyone else in the room had their shoes on, but I was desperate for something to do rather than just standing out-of-place by the door. So I walked back by the door and took off my shoes. Hannah saw this, grabbed her water bottle and walked up to me.

“You need to take your socks off too” she said.

“Are you fucking kidding me! You still have your shoes and socks on!”

“That’s because I am going to go fill up my water bottle now. Just take off your socks and go sit Indian style on the mat I laid out for you and you will look like you fit in”. Which is what I did all while trying not to laugh.

It seemed like as soon as I sat down on the matt everyone else in the room pretty much followed suit with me. Which I am glad for because It made me feel a little less out-of-place in the class.

Hannah came back and sat next to me on her mat  and the class began.

The class lasted an hour and I started to sweat halfway through. I was able to perform 97% of all the odd poses that were requested of me and in general I really did enjoy the class. Chances are I will be attending this class a few more times.

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