Just Another Day At Work

This morning at work has been busier then normal. Juneau experienced a power outage last night. So this morning we have all be busy trying to pick up the fallen pieces of down servers and panicked clients.

Since he got into the office this morning, Zaine (one of my co-workers) has been trouble shooting a VOIP phone server installation we have been having issues with. Normally Chris works on issues like this but he recently handed it off for Zaine to work on.

So the office is half empty and those of us here are hard at work when out from the corner of the office I hear Zaine shout at full volume “Someone here owes me a fucking blow job!”

Now Zaine is known for saying off the wall things at random times. But this could not have been at a more perfect time because just as he shouted “Someone here owes me a fucking blow job!” someone from down the hall walks by our open office door and and just busts out laughing which caused all of us in our office to burst out in laughter.

After Zaine’s face color, which was a bright red returned back to normal. He finally explained “I just did something in 1 hour that Chris has been working on for over week”.

It’s having stories like this to tell over, and over that make my day.

Microsoft Surface

A few weeks ago I saw on line a new product from Microsoft called “Microsoft Surface“. Granted it’s a neat product but from I have questioned it’s practicality. I however did not spend to much time thinking about it until I saw the video above the other day.

I do think interacting with the display is the future for computers. I think it’s going to eliminate the keyboard and mouse. But like the video suggests, I don’t believe this will be in the form of a table. The five cameras required for the Microsoft Surface to track your hand movements i think sounds a little obsolete when compared to other products i have seen like the Apple iPhone.

But if anything I hope that posting this video made you laugh.