4th of July Music

My band, Fire on McGinnis played a show at a local bar in downtown Juneau. Starting at around 10:15PM on July 3rd and finishing up at 2:30AM on July 4th (I have written before about how Juneau, AK celebrates the holiday by doing its fire work show the morning of the 4th) I was quite sore and tired after all was said and done, but I had such a good time playing for so many awesome people. Check out the couple of YouTube videos below from our performance.

Thanks goes to Bo Anderson for making these recordings. I really appreciate buddy!

Playing A Show July 3rd For Independence Day

I am pretty excited about this. My band, Fire on McGinnis will be playing a 4th of July show on July 3rd at the Rendezvous bar.

Some of you who are not from Juneau Alaska might be scratching your heads and wondering; why on earth should he be excited about playing a show the day before the 4th of July? Well the answer is this. Because in Juneau its light out most of the day this time of year. The only time it gets dark enough to celebrate Independence Day in Juneau is at 12:01 AM on the morning of the 4th.

I have always had a good time playing shows at the Rendezvous and I am looking forward to this one. So if you happen to find yourself on Franklin street celebrating the holiday come on over to the bar and celebrate with us!

Roof Top Gig

Silver Bow
Silver Bow

The band I drum for Fire On Mcginnis, has an opportunity to play a roof top gig above the Silver Bow in Juneau this Friday, July 1st. This last Sunday a couple of members of the band and myself headed over to the Silver Bow to check out the roof and to start figuring out the logistics of getting all our equipment up all the stair cases as well as how we where going to get power for all the amps.

My breath was taken away as I saw the view looking over the capital city. I snapped some pictures with my iPhone to share with everyone. If something happens with the weather or whatever that might prevent us from playing I am really glad I had the opportunity to see all this. I don’t know how many people get to look out over roof tops and see what I saw, but it was beautiful.

The band and I now have a mental plan of how we are going to get everything setup and we will be spending the next couple of weeks working with the owner the business so we can make it all happen. Lets just hope the weather works with us. I can’t imagine doing anything cooler right now than playing a roof top gig in downtown Juneau Alaska.

The Rendezvous Show

Last Thursday night was my gig with Fire on McGinnis at the Rendezvous. I got out of work late that day and one of my band mates had to haul my drums over to the venue. I showed up fifteen minutes after 5pm and as soon as I got their I started tuning and setting up my drum set as fast as I could then stepped out-of-the-way so the rest of the band could setup their equipment.

By around 6:30 we where able to perform our sound check and everything checked out fine and good. We all wanted to go get dinner so we just agreed to come back by 10pm to start playing at 10:30pm.

I came home and made dinner and hung out with Hannah for a little bit. I also took a few minutes and updated the set list I was given to include my drumming notes. I still don’t have all the songs down 100% and need a little mental refresh for several of them.

Hannah came with me back to the Rendezvous to hear me play. My brother showed up and a couple of friends too. It was encouraging to see all their familiar faces in the crowded bar.

We played the first set and we played it really well. People where dancing and laughing. We where really on that night. Before start of the fourth song I had to stop the band for a few minutes to tape up my fingers. They had blistered and popped and it was getting painful to keep playing.

I once asked the drummer of Local H what he did to protect his hands. He told me he used golfing gloves when he played. I need to make a mental note and go out and try some out.

With my hands tapped up we continued playing and finished out first set. We took a ten minute break and came back to play a second set.

I really had a good time and was grateful to the Rendezvous for letting us play.  They where grateful for us playing as well. Turns out they had such a good night on St. Patrick’s day that they ended up paying us five times more than the original agreed amount.

Hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day Gig

Waiting Out In The Cold For People To Show Up For Band Practice.

With St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow my band has been stepping up practices by playing longer and learning new songs. We have a gig at one of the local bars in juneau called the Rendezvous. We have played their before and the people that show are have always been supportive and happy to see us play so I am really looking forward to this show. I understand will be playing from 10:30pm till 12:30am. The only negative thing is that I have to go to work the next morning and am normally up by 5 AM.

Yesterday scheduling a practice was hard but we pulled it off. Hannah had some plans for the day that could not be broken so right after work we just packed up my drum set and dropped it and me off at one of our band members houses where we were going to practice for the day. I sat outside in the cold for maybe 45 minutes waiting for people to show up.  The things we do for music.

I hope some of you can make it to the show tomorrow. I think it is going to be one of our best ones yet!

Fire On McGinnis At Eaglecrest Saturday

The band I am in, Fire On McGinnis, will be playing a show this Saturday at Eaglecrest day Lodge from 3:45 to 5:45pm. The event being put on by the City of Juneau and Eaglecrest is called the ‘Winter Fireworks Spectacular‘.

There will be a Bonfire, along with a touch light parade and fireworks!


So if you got some time this Saturday please stop on my to hear some great music and watch a killer light show from Eaglecrest!