Trans Siberian Orchestra

Work is going well. I have been super busy but I do enjoy it very much. I am slowly getting more graphic/web work to do. Which makes my days go by fast it seems.

Now that the company web site is up and running we are going through and playing clean up and update of older content. It’s really interesting how how the whole thing has been organized and is being fixed. The way I have started organizing and task managing is pretty cool and it just has me stoked to see how it’s all working. I just wish I had done the web site in this matter. But live and learn.

Had another practice with Eric on Sunday. We are ready for the show on Thursday.

November, 17 2005 at Big Daddy’s Place<br>
17626 140th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072<br>
Cost: Free
Time : 9PM

This last weekend Hannah and I where shopping and I found JOHN DEERE WRAPPING PAPPER! I am going to be the coolest kid this Christmas because know one is going to have cooler wrapping paper then this. I have already warped up half my gifts for people!

Mood: Sleepy

Quake Theme Music by Nine Inch Nails

I think my all time favorite computer video game is the original Quake. Quake is a game that was developed by ID software back in the 1996. I originally played the game on a Packard Bell computer running at 133MHZ on a dial up connection and I was damn good if I do say so myself.

My friends and myself started a Quake Clan back in the day to take on other Quake Clans. We called our selves E.O.D (Elements of Destruction) and even made a website.

So I have had the Quake game for a while but have not been able to play it since I installed Apple’s Macintosh OS X on my computer. In the last day or so I have come across two websites that have been very helpful in getting Quake to run on OS X.

fruitz-of-dojo, which has an app that works to run the normal version of quake.

Chaoticbox which has an app that will run the GL version of Quake. Which is what I have been playing the most and looks and runs great!

Mood: Im currently Sick, Maybe due to the dog bite