Happy Halloween everyone.

Halloween1I love this holiday.This week week Hannah and I along with some friends picked out some pumpkins to make Jack-o-Lanterns. We made a mistake this year by waiting to long to by the pumpkins. By the time we went out to get them only one store in all of Juneau had some. As a result they where a little more pricey.Halloween2

But we brought the pumpkins back to the apartment to carve. I spent some time removing all the seeds and hollowing out the sides a bit. Hannah picked out a pattern and we went to down on it. The end result turned out very well.

The weather this year is a little warmer then it was last year around this time. I remember the Jack-O-Lanterns lasting weeks last year because it was so cold.

We finished up the night by placing the Jack-o-Lanterns outside, playing a little Guitar Hero 3 on our Wii, and watching some Firefly.

Just Another Day At Work

This morning at work has been busier then normal. Juneau experienced a power outage last night. So this morning we have all be busy trying to pick up the fallen pieces of down servers and panicked clients.

Since he got into the office this morning, Zaine (one of my co-workers) has been trouble shooting a VOIP phone server installation we have been having issues with. Normally Chris works on issues like this but he recently handed it off for Zaine to work on.

So the office is half empty and those of us here are hard at work when out from the corner of the office I hear Zaine shout at full volume “Someone here owes me a fucking blow job!”

Now Zaine is known for saying off the wall things at random times. But this could not have been at a more perfect time because just as he shouted “Someone here owes me a fucking blow job!” someone from down the hall walks by our open office door and and just busts out laughing which caused all of us in our office to burst out in laughter.

After Zaine’s face color, which was a bright red returned back to normal. He finally explained “I just did something in 1 hour that Chris has been working on for over week”.

It’s having stories like this to tell over, and over that make my day.

Home Office (Sort-of)


Yesterday when I got home from work Hannah and I went to work on the spare bedroom turning it into a home office. Well more like a home office / spare bedroom / storage place. It actually turned out really well and I like how Hannah has hung up some of her posters. I think the room will grow a little bit with us. Will see I am sure. But, for now I am happy with how it turned out. I am glad to finally have a place to work and read that is away from the T.V.

I was able to setup up my computer and have it do back ups and install the newest Mac OS X update (10.4.7) while we finished putting things in order. Later that night Chris came over to show me his idea of a wiki that he set up for work called iFolder. The application is kind of cool but it’s way over kill for what we need at work which is just a documentation tool. A strait up wiki. Sometimes I don’t understand how he thinks. But I guess I should focus on the bright side which is, now we have a central place to put our documentation.

I am still working to restore my blog back to it’s glory. I again switched the blogging engine I am using and I am very please with how this one has been working out. You will notice every few days that I adding older posts. I have quite a few to add but I will get them up in time. Between this website, The H Corner website, and Voted Down website, it’s just a matter of time till it gets done.

Hannah has been job hunting and getting things in order at the collage. We are going to try to see Superman Returns on Saturday. I hope that the weather is good this weekend so we can walk around town and check out some of the parks.

Rotary Park


Last Friday we had a little bit o good weather. So when Hannah and i got off of work we decided to go out side and play. We went down to Rotary Park to feed the ducks and walk the dog. We also just happened to have the camera with us so we took a bunch of pictures.

The Days here are getting shorter fast. We are losing something like 6 minutes of day light a day. Soon it will be dark all the time.

Christmas On Guemes

The Christmas brake from work and the Emerald City was very good. I enjoyed the time off. I woke up Friday and cleaned my room, which had been an epic mess since my return from Idaho.

After it was cleaned up and I got out of the shower I, said good bye to my roommate and headed north to start my long weekend.

Traffic on I-405 and I-5 was not as bad as I had anticipated. It was a little rainy and as a result it seems like everyone had forgotten how to drive but me. It took me about 2 and a half hours to get from Renton to Burlington where I stopped at the local Mall to finish up some very last minute Christmas shopping for Hannah’s Side of the family.

While I was walking around the mall looking for gifts for everyone I felt someone pull at my arm and I saw that it was Erin who I had not seen in years. She sounded like she was doing very well was looking forward to Christmas. She was the only person I saw in the mall that day that I really remembered who she was. I saw a lot of other people who I recognized from high school and from living in Anacortes but I could not remember their names or who they where. I could tell by the looks in their eyes as we passed each other they where thinking along the same lines I was. So basically, No harm now foul.

Had Christmas with my mom and Kit on Guemes but that afternoon I spent with Hannah and her family. Gifts where exchanged. Stories where told. It was a good time.

I saw lots of Christmas lights and had way too much candy.

It was just a great weekend. I came back to work today feeling refreshed and recharged.

“Everybody Wants To Go For A Ride” By: Charlie and the Lonesome Cougars

Thursday night I played a show with Eric at Big Daddies place in Woodinville. It was very fun. Everyone seemed to like the music and a lot of people from Eric’s work showed up so that was also cool.

The down side to playing a place like Big Daddies is they force you to use their house drum kit. As a result the drums were not in tune, it’s not setup how I would normally play and I went through 3 drumsticks.

From the sound of things I will be getting a CD copy of the show, which I plan to put up as an MP3 for downloading.

Last night was probably the last time I will get to see Eric for a while. He is off to Chicago for work. Going to have to plan a trip to see him at some point. Maybe play a few more songs.

Take care of yourself Buddy!

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