Transformers Review Issue 79: The Last Autobot?

Issue 79. Next to last. The sign of a good story is that you don’t want it to end. I don’t want Transformers to end. Maybe it will be a good thing. To end on a high note before it goes bad. I guess I’ll know when I finish with issue 80. In the mean team lets review Issue 79. But first, lets check out this cover!


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The cover is dominated by the ghostly looking face of Galvatron. A crazed smile across it makes it some what hard to pinpoint as Galvatron for me. Spike Witwicky, baring no resemblance to his Saturday morning cartoon counterpart, looks lost in deep through. Almost upset looking. “The Last Autobot?” is written on the cover. It’s not a bad cover. But I don’t think I love it because nothing about it feels iconic Transformers.

Transformers_issue79_coverHaving crashed landed on Earth, the Autobot Ark is host to a new villain this planet has yet to see. Spike realizes he is the last Autobot left to defend the planet. He reluctantly rejoins with Fortress Maximus to go after Galvatron.

Transformers_issue79_SpikeOn the planet of Cybertron, the Neo-Knights and Hi-Q have escaped from their cell and are now completely alone on the dying planet. Their mission is to find the last Autobot who will prove to be the salvation for the planet.


The remaining Autobots are hot after the Decepticons, following their tracer signal hidding on their ship by Grimlock. They are headed to the planet Klo where they hope to stop the Decepticons before they can cause to much damage.

Transformers_issue79_ProwlBack on Earth, Fortress Maximus catches up with Galvatron. Galvatron, who is not stable from the crash, only becomes more enraged and crazy after taking a shot in the back from Fortress Maximus. Galvatron literally starts ripping apart Fortress Maximus with his teeth! But good prevails and Galvatron is sent to the bottom of a frozen lake.

Transformers_issue79_fwammReturning to Cybertron to close out issue 79, The Neo-Knights have found the last Autobot.


Transmission Letters This Issue.

Transformers_79_TransMissionsWe kick off this page with heavy heart. We’re sure you can guess the reason, though-like us-you’ve probably tried to convince yourself it wouldn’t actually happen. Due to factors beyond our control and despite our most epic efforts to keep the book going, next issue is the last issue of TRANSFORMERs. We’ll tell you all about it then (reasons, whys, wherefores and future possibilities), but in the meantime try to look on the bright side. We have (earlier than expected, admittedly) brought the saga to a conclusion (of sorts). This epic, 22-page story, is not under any circumstances to be missed. So join us next month for a feast of Transformers action and excitement, with more shocks, surprises and thrills than you can possibly imagine. Meanwhile, on with the letters page, and in particular one reader who (we can only guess) had some ‘inside information’…

Dear Transmissions,
I received some most distressing information in the mail yesterday. A friend of a friend of mine had heard from Marvel that issue #80 was to be the last issue of TRANSFORMERS. I was truly shocked; the look and content of the comic has improved so much of late I could hardly believe that it was truly on its last legs. I am writing to express my extreme disapproval of Marvel’s choosing to drop the book. Why, in issue #75, did you act as though the comic still had a chance of survival, if in fact it was already destined to die? Please don’t let it go, the comic is the last U.S. source of Transformers material. Even Hasbro, it seems, has given up on Transformers, the company has recently stopped turning them out. Which leads me to wonder if Marvel UK’s TRANSFORMERS comic is still going or is that too destined to perish? In closing, i would like to thank you and your staff. TRANSFORMERS has been a large part of my life and has brought me much pleasure. Even if the comic dies, I can assure you that we fans will not let the legend of the Transformers die with it!
Mark ‘Highflyer’ Tisdale
Montexuma, GA

Sadly, Mark, your information was ( as by now you’ll know) correct. We like it no more than you, but sometimes the best will in the world cannot buck the system. Issue #75’s letters page was written around the same time #72 was on sale, and at that time we genuinely thought we could save the book. The axe fell shortly afterwords, too late to pull the letter. Sorry, but like you say-Transformers will live on in the hearts and minds of the fans…and the creators!

Dear Transmissions,
Tanya Dean
N.S.W., Australia

One of the more eloquent laments on events in issue #75/76/ If we thought our double sized issue provoked a bulging mailbag, we had yet to see 76’s…

Dear Transmissions,
What’s going on? Prime’s dead(!) Again(!)? Well, I have a feeling that we’ve not seen the last of him, and that’s especially evident in HiQ’s revolutionary mannerisms. TRANSFORMERS #76 was ultimately stupendous! I thoroughly enjoyed the unpredictable climax of the Big Freeze epic and Grimlock’s magnificent evolution from Dinbot to Action Master!
Steve Beg

Dear Transmissions,
I have a few questions I’d like answered. 1) WHY DID YOU KILL OPTIMUS PRIME? 2) Will he be coming back soon? 3) Would you please start up GODZILLA comic again?
John Webster
Lanham, Maryland

GODZILLA? Where do we get these ones from?! Anyway, a lot of readers guessed in part or (almost) in whole that Prime’s return was in the cards from the time HiQ opened his mouth at the end of #76. And since he’s not back yet, and we now only have one issue to go, we figure it’s not giving away too much to tell you next issue features-THE NEW (NEW) OPTIMUS PRIME!

Dear Transmissions,
When I read your challenge to come up with a new name for the Neo-Knights in #75 it was the spur I needed. I read a few early issue of TRANSFORMERS and then stopped in the low teens, for no real reason except for lack of money. What attracted me to those early issues was largely the presence of the delectable Circuit Breaker. How could an adolescent male with hyperactive hormones not appreciate a curvaceous female who could fly, release energy bolds, and-most importantly- wore little more than a rather scanty coating of aluminum foil?

Should we stop this letter now?-Rob

I also found the idea behind her just as fascinating; the idea that she was crippled and relied solely on force of will (plus her costume) to move. all in all, a lovely concept. I was delighted to see her return recently in #68 and so started buying the book again (so what if I’m 23!). I like her fellow superhumans and as well as a new name for the team, may I be so bold as to suggest some new names for the individual memebers. Circuit Breaker, of course, is fine, but as for the others. . . Rapture ( a technotelepath, very nice idea and nicely done), the name doesn’t sum up her talent, so I suggest ‘Electric Dreams’. Thunderpunch sounds like a Decepticon who didn’t quite make it (and as his feet grow too, his name is a misnomer), so I’ll suggest the punchier (sorry, couldn’t resist it) name of ‘Impact.’ Finally, Dynamo is the one thing Hector isn’t! He’s a conduit for natural energy sources, not a generating device. So how about ‘Powerhouse’-As for the team, the alternatives I suggest are, ‘The Human Factor’,’The Human Touch’,’Earth Guard’, and ‘Soft Metal.’
Brian Doyle
Hamel Hampstead, UK

This, believe it or not, is a much shortened versin of Brian’s letter. We’ve had to (for the same of space) miss out quite a few of the very good points he made and the detailed reasons for all of his name choices. Thanks very much for the ideas and input, all of which have been passed to Simon Furman. If he uses any of them, rest assured due credit will be acknowledged. We’re very much hoping the Neo-Knights (or whatever) will survive the demise of TRANSFORMERS. See this space next issue for more on this. . .

Dear Transmissions,
I am a member of a Transformers fan club called the TransMasters. The club started in 1984, and our current membership stands at 45, and we’re looking to expand still further. We have several talented artists and most every member has written Transformer related stories. We are an international club with members in the US, UK, and Canada. If possible, we’d like to open up a line of communication between ourselves and a concerned party at Marvel. I aware your response expectantly.
Liane Elliot
Gig Harbor, WA

Always pleased to help a TF fan club. Our much maligned Brit, Simon Furman, will be happy (as far as workload permits) to enter into correspondence with TransMasters. You can write to him via the Marvel address.
And anyone who wants information on joining the TransMasters can send a self addressed stamped envelope (along with $0.25 for xeroxing) to Liane at the address above!

My Thoughts On This Issue

I thought by issue 79 the story would feel rushed. Thats the impression I get when talking to other people involved in the Transformers fandom. That Simon Furman was rushed to end the story. Well, if he was, it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Galvatron got a fitting close out. If this is in fact the last we see of him. I am sure if the series wasn’t coming to an end, Galvatron might have had a bigger and longer lasting role. But I’m happy with this so far.

The Neo-Knights are annoying me like I thought they would. I couldn’t be more happy with that.

I don’t know that I like the whole Hi-Q Powermaster/Optimus Prime angle. Maybe that’s what people are referring to when they say they feel the story was rushed to conclude. But for me, that’s the only weak part of the story. This could also be because I’ve never been a fan of the whole Powermaster thing. Never should have happened and Hasbro forced it on Marvel.

So what did you all think of this issue? You like it? You hate it? Lets talk in the comment section. Maybe I can learn some new insight I didn’t already.

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Transformers Review Issue 78: A Savage Circle

Transformers issue 78. Two more issues and it will all be over. But lets not focus on the sad. Lets focus on the story at hand. But before we can do that, lets check out this cover!


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We have before us a beautiful cover. Galvatron stands front and center with a shadow of Megatron before his feet. Behind Galvatron is a wall of cracked, broken glass and in every single reflective peace we see Megatron. The only real look at him on this cover is reflected from the glass behind Galvatron. “Past and future collide as… Galvatron battles Megatron!” is written on the bottom right of the cover. The Transformers logo has also been rendered out to match the glass fragments of the background. It’s a beautiful cover and a very telling cover at that.

Transformers_issue78_coverOn the Autobot Ark, Galvatron replays his past. Pretty much mirroring the 1986 animated Transformers movie from when Metagron is thrown from Astrotrain in space and is found and rebuilt by Unicron. Snapping out of it, Galvatron starts to pummel Megatron. Hating his former self. Megatron’s lacks reaction to this. He is still somewhat mind linked with Ratchet.

Transformers_issue78_galvatronOn the bridge of the Ark, Starscream detects life on his monitors within the ship. He and Shockwave investigate.

Transformers_issue78_StarscreamRatchet himself soon is freed from the stasis pod and soon realizes that a link between himself and Megatron remains. Around this time Galvatron stops beating Megatron to death fearing that his death may somehow affect his life. Galvatron walks away for a moment to gather his thoughts.

About this time Shockwave and Starscream arrive to find a beaten Megatron. Shockwave stays to deal with Megatron and Starscream trys to locate other life forms on the ship. Shockwave blasts Megatron, the effects felt by Ratchet just as Starscream arrives.

Transformers_issue78_MegatronBack on Cybertron, Prowl is feeling like a proper ass. His choices have led to the Autobots being stranded to die on the planet. Then, Grimlock arrives, bringing with him hope. Hope in the form of a Decepticon battle cruisers which he hid away millions of years ago just in case. The Autobots now have a chance to live.

Transformers_issue78_GrimlockReturning to the Ark, Ratchet really gives Starscream what for. Megatron and Galvatron now are on the same page and work together as they turn on Shockwave. Ratchet knows the two Decepticon leaders are to powerful to be allowed to be free. So, the Nucleon is exploded, causing the Ark to crash land on earth….again…just like 4 million years ago.


Transmission Letters This Issue.

Transformers_78_Transmissions75 came and went, and-as expected-the mailbag was building soon after. Thanks to everyone who wrote in (there simply wouldn’t be space in ten issues to print ’em all), whatever you had to say. Here’s a selection of the many we received…

Dear Transmissions,
Unicron is dead, many of our Transformers are gone, and our old Autobot friends are back. A sort of landmark issue, I’d say. I’m just glad Simon Furman was around to bring us this exciting conclusion. Scorponok’s death was saddening, as well as surprising, although i’m glad he ‘did good’ before he went. Xaaron’s death was also felt by me, but Prime-Prime gave his life for everything! Or did he?! As the story reached it’s explosive end, it became very obvious that the Transformers have not been written off. With Unicron’s death, Galvatron is stuck in this timeline. What havoc will he cause? the Autobots are infused with Nucleon-what will happen to them? What of ratchet and Megatron? Who will lead the Autobots now? TRANSFORMERS will live, thrive and survive-even if I have to buy all the copies myself.
Sir John Johnson
Portland, CT

It’s a nice thought, jon-thanks.

Dear Transmissions,
I’ve recently bought TRANSFORMERS #75, the one we’ve all been waiting for. I was utterly speechless after I read it! It was so magnificent, so colossal, so profoundly excellent that it defied all standards of comic book storytelling. It was more than I ever expected it to be! But what was even more magnificent was my brother’s reaction to it. For the longest time my brother (who I see as the ultimate comic critic) had dwindling interest int he series (odd, because he was the on who got me into TRANSFORMERS in the first place), but issue #69 got him hooked again and #75 knocked him for six! Although he expected the art to be done by Andy, he was very impressed by Geoff Senior’s work (i sure was!). Now for an answer to all the Geoff Senior critics. Geoff was an excellent choice for #75. As Brian Orms remarked in his letter from #70, Geoff’s illustrations “evoke feelings of power, motion and mass.” this principle was neatly applied to the cosmic battle at hand, and the whole thing came out really well. The only problem (and a very minor one at that) was that you didn’t make Unicron BIG enough! I mean, the guy’s a freaking planet! But even this isn’t your fault, the movie did the same thing. AFter all, it ust wouldn’t work if he was too big, would it? As Optimus Prime once said to Jetfire, “May your luster never dull and your wires never cross.”
Robert Ramirez
Cambridge, MA

Likewise, We’re sure . Yeah, you’re sorta right about Unicron’s size, but try and think of him more as a planetoid than a full blow planet. As for those ‘Geoff Senior critics’…

Dear Transmisions,
Totally awesome! An epic beyond duplication! Transformers #75 had more action and suspense than the movie. The storyline was brilliant and every page had me on the edge of my seat. BUT-the art work stuck! I mean, every character looked so two-dimensional. Whatever happened to detailed ‘I want to stand out’ drawings you had in previous issues?
Daniel Cecava
Bedfor, TX

Dear Transmissions,
Disappointing! Pathetic! Gross! Need I say more about the art in issue #75? Okay, I won’t.
Lord CB
Cincinnati, OH

Have you ever noticed how many readers don’t own up to their real name when they complain? What do they expect reprisals? (Geoff, put that mail bomb down!) But seriously, these two were the only negative comments in the whole batch. The rest went much like this…

Dear Transmissions,
What a relief it was to see Geoff Senior’s triumphant, artistically cataclysmic return to the Transformers strip in issue #75. Superb! It converted the most nihilistic of disbelieves and the most pessimistic of atheists (whew!). Regarding TRANSFORMERS 375, the story was excellent and it carried the reader along unfettered. I was simply unspeakably awestruck at unicron’s immensity on the opening spread, while I applauded his long-awaited demise. As for a new name for the New-Knights, how about the Annihilation Alliance, hmmm?
Steve Beg

The Annihilation Alliance? It has possibilities, but it’s a bit long-winded. Any other ideas, folks?

Dear Transmissions,
RE: issue #75…
AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! How could you do it, how could you kill almost every Transformer alive (besides the old ones)> I made a list of the Transformers you killed. They are: Brainstorm and Arcana, Emirate Xaaron, Primus, Cloudburst, Highbrow and Gort, Finback, Misfire, Bombburst, Hardhead and Duros, Waverider, Quake and tiptop.Heater, Joyride and Hotwire, Scorponok and Lord Zarak, Mindwipe and Vorath, Runabout, and Optimus Prime. Even if you re-create all these Transformers, Those with Nebulan companions will have lost them irrevocably. How can you fix this? By the way, where is Fortress Maximus?
Matthew Barse
Norman, OK

You missed Thunderwing. Oh yeah, and Quake was injured but not destroyed (he’s made of sturdy stuff). As for Fortress Maximus, dare we say ‘see next issue’?

Dear Transmissions,
I have ust finished reading issue #75. All right-enought! Who killed Scorponok (my favorite Decepticon)? I mean, that was cold! Scorponok was just getting good when Simon Furman ups and thinks, “Hey! Let’s kill him off!” Thanks a bunch. Feed Simon to Unicron!
Matt Brittenham
Las Vegas, NV

We did. Unicron spat him out. By the way, if it’s any consolation, lots of readers were similarly outraged at our resident Brit’s cavalier dispatch of Scorponok. We doubt Scorponok was too happy about it either, come to think of it.

My Thoughts On This Issue

I should have said this sooner. I feel like I have failed by not saying it sooner. But I should have said it sooner. What the fuck has Simon Furman done to Blaster? Blaster was a bad ass. Leader material. Now he’s kind of a recon guy. What gives? The best explanation I can come up with is that something happened with Blaster in the UK comics to put him in this role he now occupies. If this is the case, I’ll learn about it when I do get around to reading the uk books.

Okay, the art (except for Blasters render), is pretty awesome. Beautiful even. And that cover! wow.

I’m impressed with the sarcastic shit talking that Starscream gets away with in front of Shockwave.

Still, so many loose threads and only two issues left. While, I’m reading the next issue why don’t you all comment below and let me know what you thought of this issue. I would love to chat about it with you.

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YOSHICAST #009: Blank Comic Book Covers

Thanks for checking out episode #009 of the YOSHICAST! If you want to comment on what you’ve heard on this episode please send an e-mail, leave a comment below, Facebook me, Send me a tweet, or call me up and leave a voice mail. I’d love to hear from you. (360) 610-7047.

On this episode of the YoshiCast, Yoshi explores the topic of Blank Comic Book Covers and why he collects them.

Show Notes:

  • INTRO:
  • What are blank comic book covers
  • What to expect in a future episode.

Transformers Review Issue 77: Exodus!

Issue 77 is here! The Transformers biggest concern is their ailing home world of Cybertron. Hi-Q still clams to be Optimus Prime, and what of the Neo-Knights. Lets find out. But first, what do you think of this cover?


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Issue 77 shows the combined Autobot and Decepticon Symbols with an ‘X’ pained across it. In front we have Prowl and Bludgeon, face to face looking none to happy with each other. They way Bludgeon’s helmet is weaved between the Transformers logo is pretty creative. Written at the bottom is “Fall Out!”. Is this a sign of the end of the alliance between to two robotic factions? Also of note is the image of Grimlock now adorned on the top left Marvel Comics box.

Transformers_issue77_coverWe open up see the state of Cybertron. The weather has gotten far less friendly than before. Inside a building we see that Prowl is fighting to maintain the new alliance between the two robotic factions. Prowl has pretty much become a dick here. Still resentful that he is not the leader but Grimlock, he tries to communicate with the mass of bots as if he were their leader. In this meeting Blaster unveils his findings that the planet is starting to tear itself apart. They have to leave Cybertron before they are destroyed with it.

Transformers_issue77_BlasterOn the Ark, Shockwave and Starscream are ready to fly away. But they are unaware of the bot awakening from stasis.

Transformers_issue77_FistLater, after the gathering, Prowl wants Grimlock to give a speech like Optimus Prime might have done. Grimlock wont be doing things like Prime did and walks off.

Transformers_issue77_GrimlockNext we are taken to a cell where the Neo-Knights are housed. The plan is that they will be taken back to earth in this container. Circuit Breaker is getting works and Hi-Q is still claiming to be Optimus Prime.

Transformers_issue77_HiQAfter the Decepticons have learned of the great plan to leave Cybertron, they put together and execute their own plan. They leave Cybertron and leave the Autobots to die on the planet without help.

Back on the Ark, Galavatron appears, having successfully hidden on board the spacecraft with out notice. He soon is confronted head on with his, (former self the right words for here?).


Transmission Letters This Issue.

Dear Transmissions,
I have just finished issue #74 and now can’t wait for #75! Things, I can see, are going to get very ugly very fast. On the plus side, the Transformers are united under Prime and Scorponok, Primus is awake and Grimlock and company are bringing Nucleon to Cybertron. On the down side, Sludge and Slad are about to revive Megatron (my favorite Transformer), Prime keeps having what looks like heart attacks and, worst of all, Unicron rears his ugly head. Can it get any worse? I sure hope so! Hey, good job guys! The comic just keeps getting better and better. But best of all, Action Masters are coming! isn’t Nucleon wonderful? Everything is looking great!
Louis Pirozzi
Jersey City, NJ

Our first honest-togosh-fan letter for Action Masters! Whoo!

Dear Transmissions,
I have been a tremendous fan of Transformers ever since they where first introduced about seven years ago, but after reading countless issues of the TRANSFORMERs comic in disgust, I just had to write. The artwork has gotten progressively worse. The stories have been okay, but the art is terrible because you are turning the Transformers into human beings. Here is a list of just a few of the problems i see. 1.) I don’t care what anyone says. Robots do not have teeth or eyeballs. Even the cartoon version got that right. 2.) Facial expressions are getting way out of hand. You’re giving robots cheekbones and round face features. Eliminate drooling, tears, etc. 3) There is a complete lack of detail in the drawings. Many issues appear to be rush jobs. 4.) In a fight, just use dents and scratches. Don’t make panels fall off so that wiring shows, because it simply does not look like what a robot of that complexity would consist of. The list goes on, but basically if the art remains the same, you may have one less reader of the title.
Roland Goyette
Moosup, CT

Ah well, never let it be said we don’t print negative mail. But, we’re happy to say that at present, this sort of letter presents very much the minority view. In fact, in a batch of about 200 or so letters, this was the only one that had more than minor quibbles (Action Masters Excepted) with the way things are going with the comic. And just for the record, Roland, we disagree with you too. Anyone out there agree with him?

Dear Transmissions,
While reading issue #74 I cam across something that I imagine was included as satire, and one bona fide mistake. Check page 4, upper left corner. Apeface is peeling a banana! This mistake is on page 11, panel 5. Sluge says, ‘you head the boss’ when it should plainly be ‘you heard the boss.’ Do I get a No-Prize?
Anthony Barbaria
San Jose, Ca

NONONONONO…No! How many times? You have to explain the ‘mistake away in a logical and believable fashion to qualify for a No-Prize. Like one reader suggested that because Sludge had only recently been revived, his speech circuits were still a bit rusty. Not quite No-Prize-Worthy, but heading in the right direction. This time , actually, we reckon it was…well, a mistake! as for the banana, he’s a crazy one, that Andy Wildman, isn’t he? By the way, great name! Maybe you and Andy should get together. Barbaria and Wildman sound almost like a comic, Doesn’t it?

Dear Transmissions,
How are you doing with the Transformer there oh well you please make these new 4 Transformers for the kids going to love them a lot plus I love your Transformers The one Transformer is Optimus Prime oh can you send me a list of names of the Transformers so i can show my friends if you send it well be happy i need to go now by from.
Roy Thedems
Hamilton, GA

But is it art?

Dear Transmissions,
Help! You are my last chance. I have written to Hasbro UK and even Hasbro USA, but they don’t seem to care. I’m talking about the Transformers I cannot obtain in the UK. Like a lot of readers over here, I collect Transformer toys, but can only get the main characters. Ones like Swoop (he’s my favorite), Perceptor, Sky Lynx, Shockwave, the Predacons (and Predaking), and Fortress Maximus. Can you ask the kids of America to help a British Transformers fan achieve his goal? I have different British Transformer things to trade. I have British TRANSFORMER comics (from issue 1 up to the current issue, #298), Transformer music cassette story tapes, all the British TRANSFORMERS Annuals, and all sorts of other stuff. If there’s someone out there who can help, please write to me at [Retracted by Youseph] I’m a Transformers nut, so I’d really appreciate any help you can give to help me complete my collection. Keep up the good work over there, this lad in the UK is right behind you!
Andrew Winn
Leeds, Yorkshire

A heartfelt plea if ever we’ve heard one. Well then, all you readers out there who’ve been writing in asking how to get hold of UK issues of the Transformers, now’s your chance! Why are you still here? Get writing!

Dear Transmissions,
I’m confused. In issue #73 all the Transformers were supposedly zapped to Cybertron by Primus. How come then, in issue #74, Grimlock and gang weren’t with the others. I love the ending to #74. All I can say is…it’s interesting
Jeff Wolf
AUrora, Co

Interesting?! Is that it? Interesting? Doesn’t it make you want to cry! What happened to stupendous, breathtaking, mind-boggling and the like? Sigh… As to your confusion (too right!), Primus brought to Cybertron all the Autobots from Earth, lacking the power (in his weakened state) to search for other randomly scattered groups like Grimlock and co.

Dear Transmissions,
I’be been stumped by something i think needs explaining. How is it possible for Megatron and Galvatron to be two separate people if they’re supposed to be one and the same? I’m sure a lot of readers woud like the Megatron/Galvatron thing to be resolved and explained. One request: Please bring back Thunderwing. He’s my favorite character and I think he’s made a great leader of the Decepticons. How about a profile on him?
Tommy Sims
Chattanooga, TN

That’s two requests. So, after confused of Aurora, we now have stumped of Chattanooga. Are we getting more obscure, or is-(just kidding!). We agree with you Tommy, you’re overdue and explanation/resolution(?!) to the Megatron/Galvatron question, and-bighearted fold that we are-we’re going to give you one. Check out issue #78 for a clash you just won’t believe! Thunderwing has come and gone again already. Blink and you would have missed him. Sorry.

My Thoughts On This Issue

Prowl is a dick. Now that that’s out of the way I can focus on the rest of the review.

Is it just me or did the pacing of this issue seem, I don’t know, off? But even so, I’m still interested. What will happen with Galvatron and Megatron? Are they the same? Or where they the same in Galvatron’s time line? What is Grimlock planning with the Dinobots? How did Bludgeon become accepted in a leadership role? Will Hi-Q get to whatever he is searching for? Just have to read the next issue and find out.

I have to add that in the TransMissions Letter section there is a letter from Roy Thedems. That letter and Marvel’s response, “But is it art?” had me in stitches.

What did all of you think of this issue? Did do you agree with me about the pacing?

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Transformers Review Issue 76: Still Life!

What of Optimus Prime? What of Hi-Q? What of the Dinobots? What of Cybertron? Will find out as I crack open issue 76. But first, Lets check out this cover.


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Firs thought after looking at the cover for issue 76? Hey, Marvel found a printer that can do more than a hand full of colors! Welcome to the modern era Transformers Fans. THis is a rich an full looking cover drawn by Andrew Wildman.  The cover features three Dinobots with Grimlock looking as if he is ready to piss himself with fear over the demonic robot looming up from behind him. It’s silly and hard to make sense of. “I tell you there is something moving out here!” is spoken by Swoop. “Uhh, well it sure not me!” responds Grimlock. At the bottom of the cover is written, “The Big Freeze” The usual Marvel box in the upper left hand corner has been replaced. Where normally you would see Optimus Prime, you know see the remains of Optimus after his altercation with Unicron. It’s pretty gruesome to look at.

Transformers_issue76_coverWe open up to a group of Transformers huddling around the body of Optimus Prime. It’s realized he is still alive, if only just barely. Prime’s last words to Prowl are to make Grimlock leader of the Autobots.

Transformers_issue76_deathSomewhere else on Cybertron, Hi-Q is running for his life. He is driven to get back to Optimus Prime to tell him of the changes they are both going through thanks to the Powermaster process.

Transformers_issue76_HiQBack to Prowl. He tells Grimlock that he is the new leader. Grimlock’s response is not what Prowl was expecting so Prowl blows up at him. In Grimlock’s broken english, he puts Prowl in his place and displays true leadership knowledge. Grimlock and the Dinobots proceed out to find the Ark and revive the remaining Autobots with Nucleon.

Transformers_issue76_ProwlSearching for the Ark, Grimlock’s body seizes up on him. He’s rendered unable to move, but can still speak. Hi-Q appears with demonic looking bots hot on his tail. Surrounded, the dinobots wage a battle rather then to leave Grimlock alone.


Next we are taken to the Ark, where Schockwave and Starscream are repairing the damaged space craft. The logic being that the Ark is the best and fastest ship to use to get back to an unprotected Earth.

Back to the Dinobots. The demonic robots keep coming at the Dinobots in larger numbers. Even with an order to flee from Grimlock, the Dinobots hold their ground. Hi-Q sees something new in Grimlock. A building of energy. Using some special abilities, Hi-Q is able to speed up this process of energy that Grimlock is going through and in a short time Grimlock bursts out of his old body shell and reveals a new Action Master mode. With new strength, Grimlock is able to scare away the Demonic robots.

Grimlock shares that with his new power came with a price. He can no longer transformer. And then, rather abruptly, Hi-Q shares that he is Optimus Prime and the comic ends without warning.


My Thoughts On This Issue

Well things are different. Optimus Prime appears to be dead. Grimlock can’t transform. Hi-Q has an odd new power that I don’t recall ever seeing before.

The ending was very abrupt. I had to check my issue to make sure a page wasn’t torn out and missing. Just an out of place ending for me. Normally, the endings are more gentle.

I also wonder why they don’t just put the title of issues on the cover. Why give it a sub-title or a secondary title?

Regardless, this was a good issue. It’s going to clearly take another issue or two for all the fall out from issue 75 to be explained. But I’m enjoying the story and still looking forward to the next issue.

What did you think of this issue? Where you as annoyed and perplexed by Hi-Q’s new power as I was? Let me know.

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YOSHICAST #008: Emerald City Comic Con

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On this episode of the YoshiCast, Yoshi and Bo talk over a recent trip to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington.

Show Notes:

Transformers Review ISsue 75: On the Edge of Extinction!

Transformers issue 75 is here and twice as big as normal. Got love the extra content. Especially when it has such a great writer behind it. So lets find out what happens when Unicron reaches Cybertron. But first, lets check out this cover!


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Taking up most of the cover is the face of Unicron as he is holding up the planet Cybertron and pours out our main cast of Transformers directly into his mouth. The image should convey a sense of defeat and hopelessness, but some how I don’t get that. The story inside does that exceedingly well, just not the cover. Written on the cover above the logo, “Double-Sized All-Out action anniversary Issue.” Along with, “The End?! …Or The Beginning?” which gives one holding the cover some hope about the plight of the Transformers.

Transformers_issue75_coverWe open up issue 75 with Transformers fleeing for their lives as Unicron begins to claw at the planet ripping it apart. Unicron then begins to eat handfuls of the planet and comments on how good it tastes.

Transformers_issue75_UnicronXaaron, pleads with Powermaster Optimus Prime and Scorponok to calm their troops and bring them together to battle Unicron. Even Xaaron himself puts up a fight and for a moment confuses Unicron, only to be killed by him in the end.

Transformers_issue75_XaaronGalvatron, who believes like Primus that the only way to bring down Unicron is if everyone is united, must provide some inspiration for the Transformers. At full power he attacks Unicron, but is batted away like a fly. But this does provide the inspiration needed and soon the whole planet of Cybertron is fighting against Unicron. Here, Scorponok makes his last stand. The Neo-Knights also get involved, thought Circuit Breaker remains in shock.

Transformers_issue75_GalvatronThe battle doesn’t it look good. It never did. But backup arrives with the Ark and the Autobots onboard revived by the Nucleon. Grimlock uses the ship in away to punch Unicron across the face.

Transformers_issue75_ArkThis whole time Powermaster Optimus Prime has been struggling to keep his Powermaster bond from coming apart. Asking, begging, to hold out just a little bit longer. Suddenly the Creation Matrix Arrives with Thunderwing. Together they confront Unicron, but Thunderwing is torn apart.

Transformers_issue75_MatrixUnicron Transforms into his planet mode and readies to eat Cybertron. Then Unicron is blasted by Circuit Breaker, who is so enraged that she pours every last bit of energy she has into the blast. This allows Optimus Prime enough time to get the Matrix and together he flies into the mouth of the planet. Unicron is overtaken and explodes.


Sometime later, after the battle, Battletrap and runabout are on Cybertron. Runabout goes to Check out some movement he sees int he shadows and is quickly pulled underground by a claw. HI-Q sees the bot devoured.


My Thoughts On This Issue

My god this was a good issue. A heavy issue. A deep issue. For sure it was worth the cover price then and worth the current going price now. No doubt.

Starting with the cover, I can’t figure out what the anniversary is they are referring to. Maybe someone out there reading this can clue me in, but it seems like it should have been called something like, “75th issue spectacular.”

From page one, I got lost in this story. What I mean by that is that I forgot I was reading a comic book and I was just totally absorbed into the goings on within. Not since the ‘Man of Iron‘ story line have I been this captivated by a Transformers story.

Something my review does not speak to is the total and absolute disrepair and hopelessness I felt as a reader as a result of the Transformers facing such a monolithic opponent . With all the scenes of Unicron ripping into and eating the helpless planet of Cybertron, the heartless killing of so many helpless Transformers. The scene where the most logical of Transformers, Shockwave says, “I am 100% certain that Cybertron, and every Transformer on it, is doomed!” hit me gut wrenchingly hard. I knew that this issue would change everything.

Transformers_issue75_ShockwaveEven the death of Scorponok hit me hard. I was not expecting that for one moment. I was not expecting to be so touched by it. This issue was just filled with heartache. I tip my hat to you, Simon Furman. You got me to care about characters I originally didn’t.

Transformers_issue75_ScorponokI can’t help but think that during the writing of this issue, Simon Furman must have known that the comic was going to be canceled. Maybe I’m wrong here. It just seems like with so many deaths and so many Transformers coming back in one issue,it feels like he is getting ready to wrap this up. As a reader in the 80s, they might have been clueless to this. But as a reader now, its fun to guess when Simon Furman might have know the end was coming.

Marvel’s Transformers comic could have ended here, and I would be okay with that. But, lucky for us we still have a few more issues. So what did you think of issue 75? Do you have any insight I might not have? I’m going crazy wondering what’s going to happen next.

Transmission Letters This Issue.

Transformers_75_TransMissionsDear Transmissions,

Fanstastic! Superb! Chilling! Passionate! Frightening! TRANSFORMERS #72 was out of this world! I kept nagging the owner of my local comic store to find out when this issue was coming out, and i’m glad I did. This story has reached a new high – Decepticons vs, Deception, Optimus Prime finally getting some backbone! Top-notch work! The art-work, the story, they’re by far the absolute best i’ve seen in these pages. I’m on the edge of my seat in anticipation of what will happen next! I actually felt the intense closeness of the sewer way when Galvatron was chasing Xaaron. I felt like a cornered fox! Top-notch again! If there was an emmy for comics, TRANSFORMERS would deserve it. I’m excited about what the Dinobots will do, what galvatron will do, what Prime will do, what Unicron will do, and what I’m going to do to pass the time until next month! The big #75 is comic up, and I have a feeling it’s going to kick some tail! I want it now! I know I sound hyper and I am! I can’t wait to find out what this will all lead to! to heck with Twin Peaks; Everyone should read this series.

Ken Sapp, Jr.

Dale City, VA

We agree totally, but we’re afraid this letter definitely merits a loud “Nurse the screens!”

Dear Transmissions,

I just have one question I need answered, and I hope you can answer it. My question is this – is issue #75 going to be the last issue of TRANSFORMERS? The reason I ask is that a friend of mine told me that Nth Man, G.I. Joe and TRANSFORMERS were soon to be canceled due to lack of sales. At first I didn’t believe hime, but now that Nth Man is gone, I’m a bit worried. I certainly hope this is not so, as over the last two years TRANSFORMERS has become my favorite book, and I will miss it al to if it goes.

Antonio Hall

Caruthersville, MO

Okay, We’re not going to pull any punches with this answer. First off, no – issue #75 is NOT the last issue of TRANSFORMERS. If we have our way, it will reach and pass #200! But, and it’s a big but, our position is beginning to look on the slightly shaky side. We’ve done pretty mcyh all we can on our end, making the stories better and giving you a great regular art team, so the rest is up to you! Get your friends to start reading the book, and badger your local comic shop to stock TRANSFORMERS if it doesn’t already. Basically, get people to see all the good things happening here, and we’ll be around for a few years yet!

Dear Transmissions,

God, Shockwave is a boring old twit, isn’t he? Scorponok was right; the job of leading the Decepticons needs fire and spirit. It hardly bears thinking about, but if Shockwave became Decepticon leader he might actually get something done! All things considered though, I’d rather see a Decepticon leader who’s a bit uncertain about whether he’s doing the right thing or not than some megaprocessing clod who can’t sen feel the most basic of emotions – anger! Interesting side plot developing here with Galvatron and Xaaron in Cybertron’s sewer system; I’d love to see this one given some more space. I’m sure we’ll see this tied up in issue #75 (Gack! Please don’t kill everyone!). Speaking of Primus, I was thinking (Shocker, eh?) that for the pomposity afforded him, he really has been a rotten god. What a deadly inheritance he’s left his children – forcing them to pick up the task of destroying Unicron, in effect discharging his own personal responsibility in the matter. It also seems odd to me that while Unicron is a totally evil creature, he always seems to do a little good through his actions. In #67, he gave the Auobots the chance they needed to fight back by taking Galvatron, and in the movie his assault on Decepticon-controlled Cybertron allowed the Autobots to retake their home world. Is this some statement about the inseparability of good and evil? The tension’s building-and we only have three issues till it snaps!

The Muse of Mecha

Portland, Or

Do our visual receptors lie, or is this an intellectual letter on the Transmissions page? Whatever next?! Seriously thought, O Muse of Mecha (shame about the name!), you do raise some interesting points. The Decepticons really do start to “get things done” after the Unicron war, but under whose leadership? You’ll have to wait and see! As for Primus, we hope you now see that his actions were well intentioned (in a goodish sort of way), and that the Transformers were created not to carry the buck for him, but to carry on after him. As for Unicron doing some good, we feel this is completely unintentional on his part! By the way, have you snapped yet?

Dear Transmissions,

I’m a twenty-year-old TRANSFORMERS fan and have been following the comic since way back in 1984. I really like the Wildman/Baskervill art, and Simon Furman is doing an outstanding job with the scripting. I thought TRANSFORMERS # 72 was pretty good, but will Scorponok and Shockwave put aside their differences now that the Neo-Knights have entered the battle? The Neo-Knights are the first super hero team to debut in the TRANSFORMERS comic and I think they are MARVELous! Will they get their own series? By the way, the cover of #72 was awesome!

Jeff Steele

Jackson, MS

Dear Transmissions,

TRANSFORMERS #72 was incredible! Shockwave, Starscream, and Ravage are three of my favorite characters. Please do not kill them again. The Neo-Knights are HOT! I never much liked mutants, but I love ‘em in TRANSFORMERS. It’s always good to see Circuit Breaker back. Simon Furman is becoming one of my favorite writers, and Andrew Wildman is the best artist TRANSFORMERS has ever had and probably ever will! So until Unicron double dates with Galactus, make mine Marvel!

Ed Ball

Columbus, GA

Wow! Two “thumbs up votes for the New0Knights in one batch of letters! Actually, judging by the way we’ve read, several of you are beginning to war to our resident robot hunters. The actual name, Neo-Knights, has gotten a cold to indifferent reception since we asked your opinion, so here’ what you can do. Now that you’ve seen them in action, jot down a new name for the team and send it in to Transmissions. If we actually use the name you suggest (no promises here; we might just decide to stick with the Neo-Knights tag)m we’ll send you a copy of the Death’s Head graphic novel, “The Body in Question” (by Furman and Senior) by way of a thank you!

Dear Transmissions,

I LOVE TRANSFORMERS< so you can just tell Rob Tokar (issue #70 to stick his head (and his opinions) in Galvatron’s particle cannon (preferably when Galvatron is in a bad mood!).

Tanya Dean

N.S.W., Australia

It was a joke. Y’know, Rob Tokar, editor of TRANSFORMERS, writing in and saying he hated….sigh!

Dear Transmisisons,

The reason i stopped buying TRANSFORMERS was the art! Yuck! Nothing personal, but I stopped reading until I saw issue #70! Andrew Wildman is WID! I tell you, I love that man, that man answered my prayers! He gave TRANSFORMERS a whole new meaning, Actually, I love the whole creative team: Simon, Andrew, Stephen, Rick, Nel, Rob and Tom (well maybe not Tom!). Hoping you like my drawing!

Eric Allard

Quebec, G2e 1T4

We liked it, and here it is. But will Tom like it?! (check it out!>>)

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