Back when I lived in Seattle, my roommates and I put together a little video called “Commuting”. Which is nothing less then the story about the bullshit we have to put up with everyday on our commute to work. Granted, it might be a little exaggerated but that was how we felt. The idea was that we would make several of these little funny short films and share them on the internet.

Well, not long after the first commuting video was made we slowly one-by-one got different jobs and moved away. We have never made any followup’s to the original commuting video but we still talk about doing it. I would not be surprised if end up making one again here soon. Until then please feel free to enjoy the original.

Local H Concert In June

I am so excited about this! Hannah and I have a vacation planned for the first two weeks of June. We have planed to get out of Juneau for a little bit and head back home to Washington State. We will get to see our family and friends. We are both very exited about this.

I just noticed on Local H’s (The Best Fucking Band In The World) MySpace page, that they have a show planned for Seattle on the 11th of June at the Chop Suey club. It just seems like luck that we would be in town the same time they will be.

Hannah has never seen a Local H Show before. So I am exited to take her. I am also trying to gather as many of our friends together to go with us. It should be a lot of fun. I can’t wait!

Futurama: Because It Just Wont Die

When I used to live in Anacortes, just about every night at 11:30pm I would head over to my friend Adam’s house to watch Futurama. He and I, along with some friends would gather together and spend a few minutes talking about the day. How Adman’s shop was doing. How Chode’s record label and shows where coming along. How work and driving to Oak Harbor everyday was for myself. Then Futurama would come on and we would all get quite and watch it, taking brakes only during the t.v. commercials to talk. It was just a good fun get together that ended each of my days on a high note.

Benders Big ScoreLast month the first new Futurama in two years was released (Futurama: Bender’s Big Score) as a direct to DVD movie. I picked it up when it first came out, but only recently got to watch it because the first copy of the disk I got was a miss print or press. (Not sure what you call it when the disk quits playing halfway through.) In any case, I took the disk back to the store and they gladly exchanged the faulty disk for a new one.

Now, the movie was great! I didn’t feel like any of the writing had changed over time. It really feels like everyone involved in the show the first time around got back together to make this movie and did so with out missing a beat. The movie retains the original comedy style that made Futurama so much fun to watch.

Anyone new to Futurama can pick up this DVD and watch it enjoy it. Anyone who has seen the older episodes will enjoy this movie a little bit more because of all the time traveling that is done in and references to older episodes.

If your a fan of Futurama this is a must have DVD. If your new to Futurama, this is as good of a starting point as any.

Vacation Over

Well, our vacation is over now and both Hannah and myself are back in Juneau. Back to work, Back to Normality for a little while as we try to pick up and put away the contents of our suitcases. We had such a good time though. I wish it was not over. Vacations are never long enough. We are already talking about our next one.

Tanha ChristmasWe spent our first week in Chicago at my brother’s house and had our early little Christmas there. It was really nice and I am so happy I got to see most of my family. It was so cool that we all were able to get together in Chicago like that. I hope we will be able to do something like this every year together.

A MendelsohnAfter our week in Chicago, Hannah and I flew to Seattle and stayed with her family in Oak Harbor Washington. We both had a really good time. We had our little early Christmas with her family. Her sister and husband even came up to visit with us while we were their which was great. Actually it was Legendary!

Hidden WaveWhile in Washington State we went and saw some friends. We saw our friend Adam at the Hidden Wave Board Shop while we were in Burlington. I have known Adam since high school. He is a really good friend of mine and I am glad we got to stop in and say hi. He and his shop are doing really well. I don’t ever remember seeing his store so full of merch before in my life!

FriendsWe also got to see our friends Melanie and Scott for dinner one night. It’s amazing how entertaining Melanie can be with a plate of nachos.

PackingHannah and I also did some shopping while we were on our vacation. We picked up some new cloths and some new toys. We were saving up to do this because things in Juneau can be pricer then things in the lower 48 states.

But now we are back home. Our suitcases have exploded all over the apartment and we are slowly working to get everything put away in it’s place.

Christmas On Guemes

The Christmas brake from work and the Emerald City was very good. I enjoyed the time off. I woke up Friday and cleaned my room, which had been an epic mess since my return from Idaho.

After it was cleaned up and I got out of the shower I, said good bye to my roommate and headed north to start my long weekend.

Traffic on I-405 and I-5 was not as bad as I had anticipated. It was a little rainy and as a result it seems like everyone had forgotten how to drive but me. It took me about 2 and a half hours to get from Renton to Burlington where I stopped at the local Mall to finish up some very last minute Christmas shopping for Hannah’s Side of the family.

While I was walking around the mall looking for gifts for everyone I felt someone pull at my arm and I saw that it was Erin who I had not seen in years. She sounded like she was doing very well was looking forward to Christmas. She was the only person I saw in the mall that day that I really remembered who she was. I saw a lot of other people who I recognized from high school and from living in Anacortes but I could not remember their names or who they where. I could tell by the looks in their eyes as we passed each other they where thinking along the same lines I was. So basically, No harm now foul.

Had Christmas with my mom and Kit on Guemes but that afternoon I spent with Hannah and her family. Gifts where exchanged. Stories where told. It was a good time.

I saw lots of Christmas lights and had way too much candy.

It was just a great weekend. I came back to work today feeling refreshed and recharged.

“Everybody Wants To Go For A Ride” By: Charlie and the Lonesome Cougars

Thursday night I played a show with Eric at Big Daddies place in Woodinville. It was very fun. Everyone seemed to like the music and a lot of people from Eric’s work showed up so that was also cool.

The down side to playing a place like Big Daddies is they force you to use their house drum kit. As a result the drums were not in tune, it’s not setup how I would normally play and I went through 3 drumsticks.

From the sound of things I will be getting a CD copy of the show, which I plan to put up as an MP3 for downloading.

Last night was probably the last time I will get to see Eric for a while. He is off to Chicago for work. Going to have to plan a trip to see him at some point. Maybe play a few more songs.

Take care of yourself Buddy!

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Trans Siberian Orchestra

Work is going well. I have been super busy but I do enjoy it very much. I am slowly getting more graphic/web work to do. Which makes my days go by fast it seems.

Now that the company web site is up and running we are going through and playing clean up and update of older content. It’s really interesting how how the whole thing has been organized and is being fixed. The way I have started organizing and task managing is pretty cool and it just has me stoked to see how it’s all working. I just wish I had done the web site in this matter. But live and learn.

Had another practice with Eric on Sunday. We are ready for the show on Thursday.

November, 17 2005 at Big Daddy’s Place<br>
17626 140th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98072<br>
Cost: Free
Time : 9PM

This last weekend Hannah and I where shopping and I found JOHN DEERE WRAPPING PAPPER! I am going to be the coolest kid this Christmas because know one is going to have cooler wrapping paper then this. I have already warped up half my gifts for people!

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