Converting to WordPress

In my spare time I run a fan site called The H Corner for the Chicago Illinois based band “Local H“. Not to long ago I got the itch to upgrade the site from it’s static HTML pages to use WordPress as it’s back end.

Until recently I used to maintain all of The H Corner’s updates and maintenance with the text editor, Textmate. I personally enjoy building websites with a text editor. I fell like I have a higher level of control when building the a website like that. However maintaining a website (especially one like The H Corner that should be updated frequently with new content) with a text editor I learned is not the best idea ever unless it is your only job in life.

Installing wordpress was easy using the install guide. It gave me step by step instructions to setup a SQL database and get everything running. Less then a year ago I switched my personal website to wordpress and have not looked back. I have been very happy with it’s performance.

Once I got wordpress setup and running I started with the task of importing all the content of the old site to the new one.

The whole process took less then a week. The hardest part might have been creating a theme that resembled more of the old h corner website. Themes are how you can quickly and easily change the look and feel of your website. You can find tons of themes on line with a simple Google search.

Check out the new H Corner at and let me know what you think.

Vacation – Part 2 of 2

City ScapeOn Wednesday, June 11th, Hannah and I went to see (the best band in the universe) Local H play in Seattle at the Chop Suey Club. We met up with our friends Abe, Kenny, Eric, Lyle, Dustin, Jason, and Doug.

We all shared a couple of pizzas before the show across the street from the venue. I realized I forgot my cammera and was kicking myself about it. Luckly for me, Lyle and Jason had their iPhones handy and they both did a great job snapping photos.

Local H Concert In June

I am so excited about this! Hannah and I have a vacation planned for the first two weeks of June. We have planed to get out of Juneau for a little bit and head back home to Washington State. We will get to see our family and friends. We are both very exited about this.

I just noticed on Local H’s (The Best Fucking Band In The World) MySpace page, that they have a show planned for Seattle on the 11th of June at the Chop Suey club. It just seems like luck that we would be in town the same time they will be.

Hannah has never seen a Local H Show before. So I am exited to take her. I am also trying to gather as many of our friends together to go with us. It should be a lot of fun. I can’t wait!

The Presidents Of The United States Of America

PUSAWho would have thought that I would have had to move to Juneau Alaska and live here for two years before I would ever see The Presidents Of The United States Of America in concert? I think I stood a better chance of seeing them while I still lived in Washington State. Oh how little I know.

So this last Saturday The Presidents Of The United States Of America played a show at a local club here in town. I got tickets for myself and Hannah as a surprise thing to do this weekend together. We went out to dinner and then went to the second story club to watch the show.

It was pretty great. It’s not everyday that we get a band like this to come to town. The band’s stage presents was very professional and they were all very funny. All their popular songs were played with a sprinkling of new ones. The crowed was involved in quite the mosh-pit. But when The Presidents Of The United States Of America played “Lump” everyone one in the place went nuts and started jumping up and down to the beat of the song with their hands in the air. It was a whole lot of fun and I am really glad we went.

New Local H Album

I am back having survived the flu epidemic of ’08. I can’t express to you how bad the flu was this year. I ran a fever of 103 and barely got out of bed the whole time. All that remains for me to get over is this damn cough.

Local H As I am getting settled back into my normal flow of things, going to the work and the gym and what not. I have read online that my favorite band of all time, Local H has a new album coming out!

The new album is titled “Twelve Angry Months” and is due out in May 2008.

I’m so exited I can hardly wait!

“Everybody Wants To Go For A Ride” By: Charlie and the Lonesome Cougars

Thursday night I played a show with Eric at Big Daddies place in Woodinville. It was very fun. Everyone seemed to like the music and a lot of people from Eric’s work showed up so that was also cool.

The down side to playing a place like Big Daddies is they force you to use their house drum kit. As a result the drums were not in tune, it’s not setup how I would normally play and I went through 3 drumsticks.

From the sound of things I will be getting a CD copy of the show, which I plan to put up as an MP3 for downloading.

Last night was probably the last time I will get to see Eric for a while. He is off to Chicago for work. Going to have to plan a trip to see him at some point. Maybe play a few more songs.

Take care of yourself Buddy!

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